The Symptoms and Treatments of Acne Vulgaris

Skin is the precious asset and it is important to have clean and bright skin. In fact, by having health, bright and clean face skin can improve your confidence. Too bad, not all people have such kind of skin. One of popular face skin problem is acne. The level of acne is various and there is one of acne known as acne vulgaris. It is important to know about this type of acne so you can get better solution.

What is Acne Vulgaris

If we talk about acne it means we will talk about oil and dead skin cell. This is the same case if you want to know about acne vulgaris. This disease is the common acne disease in U.S. It begins when the oil and dead skin cell around clog around your skin pores. Probably, if it is only one or two acnes you don’t need to worry but it will be a serious problem if there are many acnes including around you face, neck, chest, and back. Commonly, acne vulgaris happens in teenager age. The reason is because in teenage ages hormone increase or instable and it produces more oil around skin. Actually, the symptoms of acne vulgaris are various such as the present of whitehead, blackheads, and pimples. Don’t ever treat it in wrong treatment such as pressing the acne. Before the blackheads appear commonly it is started by red skin especially on the skin where the blackheads appear.

Acne Vulgaris

After the red skin you will see small pimples and if you don’t treat it well the pimple becomes bigger and bigger. There is a possibility that if you press the acne vulgaris you will be suffered from serious skin problem such as infection. Before it’s too late it will be better for you to treat the acne and you can learn a little bit about acne vulgaris treatment here. This is because if you let those blackheads or pimples they will be cystic acne which is very painful. Actually, you can do an easy acne vulgaris treatment and the key is making your skin clean from pollutants or bacteria. There will be no red skin around your face and what you see is clean, fresh, and smooth face skin.

The Causes of Acne Vulgaris

The basic thing you need to know about acne vulgaris treatment is that don’t choose skin products which can clog your ski pores. Commonly, the product will include non comedogenic on its label. It is also important to wash your face regularly. In this case, it is necessary to wash your face one or two times a day. Moreover, you can just use specific soap for acne or acne wash product. If there is cystic acne around your face, you can just treat it by using acne cream product.

Just read the ingredients of the product first and it is better to find a product which contains of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The ingredient affects to treat acne faster and what you have to do to treat cystic acne is by using the non prescription product up to 3 months. How about if you don’t see significant affects after 3 months? If the cystic acne still covers your skin it means this is the time for you to consult it to the expert. In this case, the doctor will analyze your skin and give the prescription medicine. Commonly, the prescription is in the form of gel or cream. If you are considered as pregnant women you can take specific birth pill. In fact, birth pill affects to treat your acne well.

In certain cases including when you have cystic acne, the doctor will give you strong treatment such as by using isotretinoin. This treatment gives positive impact to treat your blackheads or the cystic acne. In short, pimple problem looks simple but if you take the wrong way it means you have to face serious skin problem. For example, it is possible to face scar problem because of a tiny little pimple. It is also necessary for you to go to the expert before treating the pimple. This is concerning to the fact that skin especially skin around face is very sensitive. The risk will be bigger if you treat it in wrong treatment. Definitely, if you have scars because of acne or pimple you have to treat it even harder than just use gel or cream.

In this case, it is possible that the doctor suggests you to take laser resurfacing program to remove the scars. Because it leads you to such kind of problem, it will better to keep your face clean. You have to wash your face after working outdoor and using make up. The pollutants from outdoor area can clog your pores and it is the starting point that you will be suffered from acne. Moreover, you also need to clean your make up because some of make up products contain of chemical ingredients which can triggers pimples, blackheads, and acne.